Best Practices: 3 tips for using Premiere/Clip in the STEM classroom


Adobe Education


Thursday, August 16, 2018 - 1-2 PM Pacific Time

About the Webinar

We agree that we must give students opportunities to flex their creative muscles in the classroom, yet we must also meet the needs of our curriculum. It’s one thing to know your way around an Adobe product; it’s quite another to translate that knowledge into a content-specific project. In the Best Practices webinars, you’ll come together with fellow teachers of your content area to explore a project using Adobe tools for the content-specific classroom. Whether it’s exploring Adobe Photoshop for a science project or using Adobe Spark for the social studies classroom, work alongside an Adobe Education Leader (AEL) to ask questions, share your work with fellow educators and test-drive a project before embarking upon it with your students.

About the Presenter

Best Practice Webinars are lead by a cadre of Adobe Education Leaders (AELs). AELs are classroom teachers, district administrators, and technology coordinators dedicated to enhancing creativity and collaboration, and improving the teaching and learning experience for their students and peers. They share their expertise through workshops and conferences, and are among the first to use new technologies in the classroom and establish learning objectives around them. AELs have deep expertise in integrating one or more Adobe tools into their teaching and learning practice, and they have demonstrated experience as an inspirational and influential leader in the local, national, or international education community.